Barrel of DNA

Have you ever wanted to learn how DNA is sequenced in a fun and easy way? Wait no longer with Barrel of DNA, the first game from Squirrel Army Laboratory!

Designed by a 13 year old for an actual science project!

In this game you will be challenged to build the correct DNA sequence from the available base pairs, matching the correct base pair, but that's not all. You will also have to choose the right base pair at exactly the right time, when the DNA sequence swings to the center. Get the timing wrong and your fragile strand of DNA molecules will shatter and you will have to start over from scratch!

You also will have to fight off invading Virus attacks which are highly dangerous to your fragile DNA strand. Make sure to defeat all viruses before they connect to your sequence.

As you progress, the game gets harder and harder, you will have to have lightning fast reflexes and a laser-like memory to recall the correct base pair to extend your DNA sequence.

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